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I'm Lauren! I am a history teacher and Alabama Wedding & Portrait Photographer located on the Gulf Coast. I love to take your special moments and preserve them for you, as each of these moments in time will become a significant part of your own history. I love Jesus, eating constantly, sarcasm, and finding ways to improve.

Fun fact: The name "Grand Laurel Photography" was created by looking up meanings for my name and my husbands name and combining them. My logo includes a branch from a laurel tree to represent the meaning!

This is your history...

One day in the future, you will look back at your wedding images. What will you feel? My goal is for you to be able to step back into that day and feel the same emotion and passion that you did all of those years before. The groom shedding a tear as you come towards him down the aisle, your mom smiling at you as she adjusts your veil, grandma laughing and dancing at the reception... these things MATTER. I get it!

Rest assured that the biggest day of your life is more than a paycheck to me. I'm not planning to stand in the corner, mentally checked out. I want to walk alongside you in this journey as a cheerleader and friend! We are a team! When we work together, my goal will never be for you to feel stiff, posed, awkward, or fake. Capturing the little and big moments for you would be an honor, and I want those moments to feel like YOU... to feel authentic!

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Grand Laurel Photography is a wedding photographer serving Mobile, Alabama, the Alabama Gulf Coast, Pensacola, FL, the Florida panhandle, and beyond!