Wait. What are we talking about?

The wedding detail box is a super important component of capturing your wedding day. It includes all of the small and special items that you will be using. Having all of these items ready to go will keep you from having to hunt it all down last minute when you are trying to get ready and hang out with your bridesmaids! It will also make it super easy for your photographer to grab it and run off with it to quickly knock out those important detail shots! Getting these pictures out of the way first is crucial! As the day progresses, you will need most of what is in the box and then it will be much more difficult to track the items down and take photos of them in the heat of the ceremony or reception! Beginning to gather these items and getting them ready a couple of weeks before your wedding is such a big help!

What should I include?

Below are some of my suggestions for what to include in your detail box! Of course, you can alter this to fit YOU. If you have your own ideas, be sure to include them in your detail box as well! It is your wedding so tailor it to your desires and needs wherever you see fit!

Main Items

Your invitation with all components: RSVP cards, envelopes, everything that you sent to your guests!

  • Decorative ring box (optional)
  • Vows (if written)
  • Any small special items or heirlooms that have an important role in your day

*BONUS ITEM* (optional) Ask your florist to leave a few extra florals and/or greenery clippings left over from your arrangements in the fridge for the photographer. Greenery and floral accents are beautiful additions to detail shots and should not cost anything extra since they were just leftover pieces that were going to be discarded anyways.

Her Items

  • Engagement ring + wedding ring
  • Any other jewelry (earrings, necklace, etc.)
  • Shoes
  • Veil
  • Garter(s)
  • Perfume
  • Any "something borrowed, something blue" items

His Items

  • Wedding ring
  • Shoes
  • Watch
  • Bow tie/tie
  • Cuff links or any small accessories
  • Cologne