If you are reading this, either you are graduating soon or someone you love is graduating soon! Graduation is a such an important milestone, and that is one reason that documenting it is so important! Not only do you need to have memories of yourself (or your child) at this very important time, you also want to capture what things stood out in your high school journey. You want to capture who you are (or your child is) in this exact season. What occupied a lot of time? A club, a sport, a hobby? Was there a certain location that was well loved? Try to think about these things and what items you could bring to showcase those aspects.

Location Ideas...

If you would like to choose the location yourself, try to think of some of your favorite (or your child's favorite) places to go. Think about what places really shine a light on the city you live in. Think about areas around the school, for example, the football field, and check in with your schools principal to see what is and isn't allowed in regards to photography on campus. If you are unsure of a location, reach out to your photographer. Your photographer will have tons of ideas and suggestions based on places they have shot in the past, or based on the type of background or vibe that you are wanting.

Prop ideas...

  • Cap, gown, tassel, etc. (If you have them.)
  • Outfit changes (Check and see how many changes your photographer allows, some have limits set.)
  • Sports equipment (ball, jersey, poms, helmet, etc.)
  • Musical instrument(s)
  • Graduation Invitation (All parts)
  • Club jackets, medals, or pins
  • Vehicle
  • Boat
  • Gear for your hobby (fishing, hunting, etc.)
  • Letterman jacket
  • Class ring
  • Yearbook
  • Honors items or awards
  • Anything you can think of that represents high school for YOU! (Or, your child!)